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Project Type: Social Design/Product Design - Rustbelt & Glass

Date: Fall 2014

Location: Syracuse NY, United States

Achievement: International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2015

Group Members: Mengjiao Han, Jane Cen, Tan Ping, Zoe Gan

Role: Concept, Research, Analyst, Visualization, Prototype, Ideation, Hand Modelling, 3D Modelling, Rendering, Poster, Interviewer, Photographer

Skills: Design Research, Multidisciplinary Design, Communication, Product Design, GlassLab Collaborative, Human Environment Interaction


In collaboration with Designer Harry Allan and Corning GlassLab, this design - the Warmth reintroduces Rustbelt area. Partnering with Christian Van Luven, the owner of the local Roji Tea Lounge, as an attempt to celebrate Chris’s effort of rejuvenating the Rustbelt area, and cultivating local businesses, a tea set is designed to support Chris’s devotion for tea culture and to emphasize the concept that opening local businesses is a practical solution to the economy of The Rustbelt.


Rustbelt includes many neighborhoods that once relied on manufacturing business, slowly losing their identities due to manufacturing jobs sourcing oversea. The lack of community identity - an economic replacement attributed to the continuous stagnant economy. The area was suppressed and generation with higher education seemed loath to return. As a result, these towns fell into an in nite cycle of economic depression.

RESEARCH - Map Board of Five Senses
RESEARCH - The Rust Belt Area
RESEARCH - Corning Glass Making Process & Glassware Making
DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - Sketch and Story Board
DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - made by The GLASSLAB Corning Museum of Glass
DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - Modeling & Testing
DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - Tea Experience Design
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