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Appearance, behavior and perception with soft robotics

Project Type: Soft robotics design / Critical design

Date: Spring 2019

Location: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Group members: HyeJun, Khobi, Raymond, Ruiqi, Vivien, William

Role: Concept, Research, Analyst, Visualization, Prototype, Presentation, Ideation.

Skills: Soft robotics, 3D printing, 3D modeling, 3D Scan, Casting, Suit making.

Soft robotics pushes the boundary of robotics by using elastic materials, drawing inspirations from biological organisms, they’re able to perform life-like movements and functions that conventional robotics can’t. In this collaborative project, we explored the possibilities of applying soft robotics to alter a person’s appearance, and how it could potentially transform our understanding of identity.

Throughout history, every man or woman at one point in their lifetime has had some thoughts or actions of changing their body. For some, it’s fleeting, whereas, for others, it can consume them. The ideal body each person visualizes for themselves may be achievable, however, some aspects are simply unattainable through natural means.

As medical technologies advanced, more and more people become familiar with the idea of cosmetic surgeries. From eye-lid surgeries to nose jobs to silicon implants, plastic surgeries offer people an opportunity to modify their appearances and gives an individual control over how they are perceived by others. 

Suit - outside looking

Suit - Inside Silicone

muscle suit grids_Page_1.jpg
muscle suit grids_Page_3.jpg
muscle suit grids_Page_2.jpg
muscle suit grids_Page_4.jpg
muscle suit grids_Page_6.jpg
muscle suit grids_Page_5.jpg
muscle suit grids_Page_7.jpg
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