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Project Type: User interfaces and user experience 

Date: Fall 2019

Location: Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Client: Intus Care, Inc.

Group with: Amy Huang, Vidur Madhav

Role: Analyst, Usertesting, Wireframing, Visualization, Prototype, video making

Skills: UIUX Design

This UI/UX project is for Intus Care, Inc, a startup at Brown Nelson Center.

Intus care is revolutionizing service tracking for home healthcare organizations. Its focus on a two-step verification process that verifies the service time and task duration of care providers in order to increase provider efficiency and to ensure the safety of patients within the home. It utilize a scanning process accessible through care providers' smartphone cameras in order to accurately track and verify care appointments.

| Pitch Video
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 10.42.11
| Basic Structure
| Flow Chart - Caregiver Portal:
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 11.58.26
| Flow Chart - Manager Portal:
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 11.58.36
| Wireframes - Caregiver Portal:
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.10.38
| Wireframes - Manager Portal:
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.16.01
| Style Guide & Logo
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.50.18 AM.png
| User Interface -  Caregiver Portal:
| User Interface -  Manager Portal:
| Interactive Prototype - Caregiver Portal:
| Interactive Prototype - Manager Portal:
| Conclusion - Caregiver Portal
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 11.16.13
Optimized caregiver experience
Time Tracking
GPS History
Digital Care Plan
Simple User Interface
For care providers, our user-facing mobile application allows them to effortlessly view appointment tasks while keeping a streamlined tally of hours worked.
Untitled.2019-12-18 23_42_46.gif
Using our web app, Caregivers scan a QR code found on the back of a patients door in order to access their care-log and patient information
| Conclusion - Manager Portal
Using the Manager Portal, Care Organizations can view an overview of care provider-patient activity and efficiency analytics for electronically verified home healthcare appointments. 
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