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Folding screen floor light

Project Type: lighting Design

Date: Spring 2019

Location: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Role: Concept, Research, Analyst, Visualization, Prototype, Presentation, Ideation, Hand Modelling.

Skills: Product Design, Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Woodworking


Folding screen is common use for divide the room, and now it also using for decorate. I want to study in screens and how I can using light to make the screens. I also challenged myself, working in a reiterative and proactive way to sketch out the interest. I worked to increasingly simplify my thinking and focus my ideations on a single gesture, and here is my screen light!

In the Industrial Design Graduate Triennial Show 2019


The first model (chipboard), Second model (plywood), Third model (Basswood), Final (Maple wood)

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