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Project Type: Chair Practicum

Date: Fall 2015

Location: Syracuse NY, United States​​

Role: Concept, Research, Visualization, Presentation, Ideation, Hand Modelling, 3D Modelling, Rendering

Skills: Design Research, Product Design, Chair Design, Ergonomic Design, Manufacture Process


A chair with a pocket for anything any me. It can be used to keep your pillows, remotes, tablets, books, and your clothing close at hand. The wrap around tex le also creates a feeling of comfort and warmth for the user.


You may easily imagine si ng in such a chair, grabbing the magazine out of the pocket, and taking a break on a sunny day. Through my design, what I want to convey is the senses of comfort, convenience, and safe for users. Hence, the choice of light color wood companied by grey felt gives the chair this elegant and friendly appearance. When si ng in this chair, one will be surrounded by the back piece. You can take a cushion from the pocket and rest your arms on it. It also creates a space with some privacy. The seat connects with the back piece with an angle, which allowing people to sit more comfortable. The great thing about this chair is one can put anything in the pocket and take things any me, which really depends on who is the user. This affords the chair high adaptability.


How it is constructed is really simple. The whole back is made out of bent plywood. The Seat is connected with the back with three joints, two on the side and one on the back. Also, a slot is a ached underneath the seat suppor ng the weight, which makes the chair even stronger. They are easy to assemble, as well as manufacture.I want this chair to bring all its users comfort and convenience, and fit with everyone sits on it.

QUARTER SCALE MODEL - Laminated Wood Veneer
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