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REEF - Creative Jam

Project Type: User interfaces and user experience 

Date: Spring 2019

Location: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Group member: Vidur, Vivien

Role: Concept, Research, Analyst, Visualization, Prototype, Presentation, Ideation

Skills: UIUX Design

In a desperate attempt to survive increasing ocean heat waves due to climate change, some corals glow in vibrant color. The corals produce brightly colored chemicals in their flesh that act as a sunscreen. It is one of the most disturbingly spectacular sights in nature.


The Ocean Agency has partnered with Adobe and Pantone to initiate a global campaign using creativity to accelerate climate and ocean action. The Glowing Glowing Gone campaign’s cry: Let’s be the first generation to save an entire ecosystem.

Our goal is to envision a digital solution that will enable people around the world to donate to reef restoration efforts and have a direct impact on our ocean’s wellbeing.

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