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About Vivien Mengjiao Han


Originally from Beijing China, Vivien has been educated in the US since 2011. She is a MID student at Rhode Island School of Design. She graduated from Syracuse University with a BID degree in Industrial and Interaction Design in 2016. She has a minor in General Management, a concentration in Fashion Design and an educational background in Animation and Special Effects.


Vivien is a thoughtful, optimistic, and enthusiastic designer. She is a smart, quick learner, and an excellent problem solver. Vivien is able to handle the high-pressure working environment with a heavy workload, which leads her to become the product manager for the LKK Design company. She also owns a certificate of utility model patent about a light design, issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China and a red dot design award 2018.


Vivien’s rich background, wide horizon, and passion for life keep her motivated on the way of pursuing good design.




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