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👋 Hi there! My name is Vivien, 
and I am bananas about design. 😌 

I strive to create intuitive and engaging experiences while constantly learning my users for the past 6+ years.  I graduated from RISD with a Master of Industrial Design. I have designed for RISD, Lifespan, LKK, and Louis Vuitton, earned a Red dot design award and been issued a certificate of Utility model patent by China.  I am actively seeking new adventures as a
UX / UI designer & Industrial designer (bonus hype if animals are involved in the work).

Let's create delightful products!      


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All Projects
intus care.jpg
UI /UX Design - SaaS web dashboard


A revolutionizing service tracking for home healthcare organizations.  

UI / UX Design - Responsive web


Redesign goals are to gather peoples’ interests and support, be easy to participate and access information, deliver the inclusive and professional feeling for the visitors and honors to access the website. 

Product (UI/UX) Design - iOS Mobile

Cucu - wake up alarm

Cucu is to help people who were having trouble to wake up on time or following the schedule, in order to help people to get success and to improve their life in a better way.  

Product Design - Electronic Wearable

goTele Tracking Device 

goTele uses GPS and long-range radio technology, it is easy to reference and compare locations for up to 30 members, increasing efficiency and safety for the entire team. With a simple press of a button on the goTele device, you can send an SOS signal in the case of an emergency. Members of your team will receive an immediate alert via the app even if your phone is dead.

UX/UI & Brand Design 


It is a supplement subscription service for young people with hair loss problems. Customers can build personalized monthly subscription boxes which include vitamins, medicines, and shampoo.

Product Design, UX Design, System Design

Pothole Monitoring System


An automatic system with no human error that utilizes the existing infrastructure and available technology. The design consists of a physical camera and a conceptual database. The design aims to shorten the processing time between discovering potholes, recording potholes, and repairing potholes. 

Industrial Design

Shark litter box

I want to solve some problems in the process of raising a cat in an elegant/ fun way, which offers a better living experience for both cats and cat lovers — designing a litter box that easy to clean and computable for the cat with low technology and low cost.

Soft robotics design, Critical design

Appearance, behavior, and perception with soft robotics


In this collaborative project, we explored the possibilities of applying soft robotics to alter a person’s appearance, and how it could potentially transform our understanding of identity.

muscle suit grids_Page_3.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 11.21.24
Product Design

Halo Night-Light

Halo nightlight provides a more efficient and comfortable solution to walking in a dark room. You will no longer suffer the pain and inconvenience of falling over or hitting yourself with furniture.

Product Design, Lighting Design

Folding Screen Floor Light

The folding screen is commonly used for dividing the room, and now it is also used for decorating. I want to study in screens and how I can using light to make the screens. This floor light will divide the space with soft lighting.

LIght 1 copy.jpg
Fashion Design, Shoemaking 



I am adding an eye-catching detail at the chimes detail around the heels. With each step, you will experience the vibration and sound of chimes swinging.

Jewelry Design, Fashion Design


I create sketches and models for the hollow-constructed ring to translate into wearable work. The ring can be a piece of jewelry that people can daily wear, but can also become a sharp weapon to protect people in a dangerous situation.

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All rights reserved by Vivien Mengjiao Han 2022

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